Business Consultant & Analysis

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Business Development Services

Charles Creative provides expert business development strategy. Jeff Sites, founder, has many years of experience as a strategic business consultant as well as personal experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur. His experience also includes an MBA and lecturing business strategy as a faculty member at Loyola Marymount University. As a part of our small business consulting we have helped develop business plans for new and growing companies, and devise new and creative approaches to improve business operations and sales.

Business Plans & Pitches

We help small businesses and start-ups write and present business plans. This is process that involves an in-depth look at your company, its rivals, and the industry in which it operates. We help you identify your strengths , and find new opportunities in the market for your goods and services. Charles Creative can help you design a plan and a pitch deck that tells your story in a compelling way to investors, potential partners, and other stakeholders.

Operations Analysis & Forecasting

A technical review of business operations, costs, and revenue, in order to build a spreadsheet model for your business operations. Which products and services generate the largest net revenue? What if material costs go up? What will the next 12 months look like, what could they look like? Modeling your business is a great way to weed out inefficiency, and test the potential impact of different business decisions.

Pricing & Competitive Strategy

An examination of your customers and competitors. Includes pricing and product differentiation, identifying your strengths, and looking for opportunities. All businesses must address competition, and it is especially pressing for startups and small businesses. Not to be feared, but understood. Get it right and you'll find your piece of the pie.

Website & SEO Analysis

Because nearly everything businesses do will end up online, a detailed look at your company's online position is an essential component of modern business strategy. This includes an in depth analysis of an existing website including design and interface, site traffic, search visibility and SEO, content, and more. Understanding how your customers find and use your website is the first step in generating new business and better catering to your existing clients.

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