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Defining your business and targeting opportunities

We offer a dash of marketing in everything we do. Even our Web Development projects begin with an analysis of your marketing strategy. Our Business Boost retainers often include the development of a full marketing plan.

Our process in a nutshell: For a sample of what we do, each marketing engagement begins with the same basic process - the sort of thing covered in business schools. Once we've identified goals and opportunities we develop a course of action to get you there. The development of a marketing plan involves a look at several things, including...

  • YOU
  • Your objectives
  • Your unique offerings
  • Your strengths
  • Room for improvement
  • Prices and positioning
  • Where to follow
  • Where to differentiate
  • The role of operations
  • Successes and failures
  • Resources and technology
  • Growth and trends
  • Untapped opportunities
  • Your ideal customer
  • Their needs and tastes
  • Where to find them
  • How to serve them

Marketing Solutions by Charles Creative

Basic Services: Developing processes and a marketing plan are the most valuable services we provide. Marketing is as much an art form as it is a science and it requires both creativity and systems. We offer a balanced approach, designed to have the greatest impact on your business while maximizing your budget and efforts. The deliverables are concrete and include digital and physical media. Additional services include logo design and business card and brochure templates, online ads – Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc; email campaigns – Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc; customer surveys; and event promotion.

Outcomes: We provide the most value by helping you develop a marketing strategy. We do this taking into account your budget, your target audience, and the behavior you wish to induce. Charles Creative's focus is on the outcome. If your objective is to increase foot traffic, site traffic, shares, or sales - we can devise a plan to get you there and the metrics to keep you on track.

Website & SEO Analysis: In conjunction with our partners, we also offer SEO and website optimization services. Marketing online can be an overwhelming proposition, unless you are prepared and methodical. Charles Creative will help you develop and implement an online marketing strategy. This includes an in depth analysis of an existing website including design and interface, site traffic, search visibility and SEO, content, and more. Understanding how your customers find and use your website is the first step in generating new business and better catering to your existing clients.

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