Graphic Design Project: The King

This was a fun project. A little context helps to blunt the ridiculousness of it. The client wanted something to present to a friend as a farewell to bachelorhood. If you've ever seen the show "Chopped" on the Food Network, then imagine this as the Photoshop equivalent. In my basket: a fantastic and grotesque sketch done by a former intern, an absurd and out-dated use of the phrase "ball and chain", an unhealthy obsession with Duke football, and a "selfie" by the subject himself. The result is a poster-sized representation of brotherly love. Not sure I would call it art, but it's nice to picture it on the wall of a man-cave somewhere. The photo here is actually not the final draft, but a 30% sized preview.

truly breathtaking. can't thank you enough for putting this together.

-Client (who shall remain nameless)