Charles Creative Specializes in building Drupal based websites and content management systems. While we work in a number of programming languages and content management platforms - including WordPress & Flask - Charles Creative stands out among Los Angeles based web designers specializing in Drupal development.

(CharlesCreative.com is built using Drupal.)

Why (& When) Drupal

There is a lot of great documentation available on the internet about why and when to use Drupal when building a website. In brief, we feel that Drupal is most appropriate when your website has some or all of the following requirements:

  • Multiple Content Types - Example: Pages, Products, Posts, and Testimonials. Though this can be accomplished in WordPress using plugins, Drupal can deliver better more customizable results without the resource-draining add-ons. In Drupal, all content types can have their own unique fields (text, titles, tag/taxonomy vocabularies, images, etc) that can be rendered or combined anywhere to create dynamic and cross-referenced content. Trust us, it’s powerful.
  • Ease of Use - The admin/user experience in Drupal is 100% customizable, making it an ideal platform for sites that need to be updated or managed by stakeholders without any experience as a webmaster
  • Powerful Custom CMS - We’ve used Drupal to build e-commerce sites with 1000’s of unique products, sites with hundreds of contributors, sites that interface with and deliver content to iTunes, sites that can be updated with nothing more than a spreadsheet, and more.

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- - Selected Drupal Projects - -

Elementary School Portal in Drupal Features for multiple stakeholder groups including calendars, news, team members, classrooms, files, and much more. This project features group and individual-level access to content, premium stand-alone hosting.


Development, management, design A secure Drupal installation, the portal for agencies and clients of Sites Professionals. Clean design, responsive layout, adaptive forms, multi-user types with access controls.


Web Development, Drupal CMS 1000's of original production pieces from classic animated films and TV shows. Among the many features baked into this site, is a custom inventory management system to manage all of that magnificent art.


The Sites And Sounds A simple but powerful Drupal site for a simple podcast. Featured here are a responsive design, and a file management system that automatically submits new podcasts to iTunes. Pretty cool, really.


Custom Web Store built in Drupal CMS. Featuring automatic shipping calculation, custom design, news feed, roast logs, social sharing and embedding. Custom built content management controls for staff and managers.


A Custom Drupal CMS. A blog and content-sharing platform featuring multiple content types, video imbed, mailchimp integration, dynamic cross-referencing and display, easy social sharing and other easy-to-use features.