Website Request for Proposal

Picking the right platform for your project

If you have a website project in mind, use the form below to answer some basic questions that will help us come up with an accurate proposal. As a rule of thumb we assume simple projects are going to be done in WordPress. Adding certain features and functionality - such as multiple content-types, dynamic sort and display, customized administration - and we'll probably recommend using Drupal. It's important to note that either platform can be designed to look exactly the same to site visitors.

Apps: We also build apps and select projects in python, please contact us for more information about more complex projects.

For more information about websites and online marketing services see our web services overview, or contact us directly if you'd prefer to talk in person or by phone: 818-455-9595

The form will adapt based on your answers. Depending on what you want in the way of functionality, we may also recommend alternative platforms. You will receive an email copy of your responses when you click "submit".

RFP Form:

Optional - if you wish to be contacted by phone.
Billed hourly, or packaged with an annual hosting/domain retainer.
Please briefly describe the design you want, or you may include a link to a similar site that you would like us to see as an example. If you need more space, please use "Additional Information" below.
We can do both. Please describe what (and how much) you think you'll need. This will be bid based on an estimate of time involved - unless packaged with a larger engagement. Use the "Additional Information" space below if you need it.
For more advanced websites such as: sites for businesses, E-commerce, enterprise class content management, data manipulation, etc; we generally recommend a platform such as Drupal or Django. If you check yes, we may make a recommendation other than Wordpress - based on the information you have provided.
Please let us know if you have a price range, or price ceiling in mind.
Please provide any additional information about your project including special features, deadlines, green M&Ms, etc.
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