More on Sumario, Oaks of Sherman, La Via Coaching

Ever more on - we've been testing the app for a few weeks now, and are very happy with how it's coming along. Starting to work on more of the front end, polishing things up, including the message:

Sumario helps you collect information using forms. The power of Sumario is that with just html you can collect and compile form data from any source. No mail servers or fancy development is required. Just build a form using your sumario key, and deploy everywhere you, your team, your clients, and your contacts are. Sumario is light-weight and versatile; it can do anything a form can do - collect contact information, job applications, surveys, requests for proposal, and more. Build your form once and deploy it on a public website, on a private internal network site, in an email, or in an app - anywhere. In the age of connection, the services and platforms by which we communicate are increasing fragmented, but a solution is here. Sumario simplifies the way you gather information.

We've started pitching ideas for Oaks of Sherman's first project. Our goal is to do 3 projects a year, picking worthy individuals and organizations that could benefit from the talents of our members. All support is non-monetary. Each engagement is expected to last 4 months, with a relatively light workload for participating members. The high concept is that by working together to help others, we can't help but do good work for each other.

Recording of podcasts for La Via Coaching is due to begin in the next couple weeks. I'll just be running the sound gear and editing bay, will leave the changing of lives to the Warrior Women.