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Posted: 07/01/2014

The education committee of the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to local schools for ways in which chamber members can be of service. Charles Creative is getting involved, are you? Contact for more information or to get involved.

Posted: 06/15/2014

Hey we're social! It's the weekend, so we're catching up on a little site and social maintenance of our own. We're extremely grateful for all of our clients and community partners. If we are not already connected, please give us a shout on your preferred social network.

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Posted: 05/26/2014

We've released a couple new blogs, with at least one more to go. They range from the very simple to the highly-ornate. Used as a professional resume, personal narrative, collection of content, or all of the above. A blog is one of the most effect ways to build and manage the brand of you.

Charles Creative is involved in laying the groundwork for a new business accelerator in the San Fernando Valley, Valley Boost. The project is actively engaging professionals/advisors in the fields of technology, education, investment, and more. Contact us at for more information or to get involved.

Posted: 05/01/2014
Antonio's Mother's Day Brunch Specials - campaign by Charles Creative

We do much more than just websites. The mantra at Charles Creative is "helping you realize and communicate your vision to your audience." Charles Creative's monthly retainer package for small businesses is continually improving to include more marketing and business insight along with traditional website development services. For Antonio's we are pursuing a growth strategy with a marketing campaign and the help of a team of interns. Charles Creative works with two local universities to help place graduate and undergraduate interns with appropriate clients. Charles Creative provides the supervision, and offers this as a free service (when available) to our retainer clients.

On a related note, SEO is often a high priority for our clients and prospective clients. Our SEO philosophy is fundamentally the same as our web philosophy. With SEO, the objective is to successfully communicate the value of your product or service in a way that both customers and search engines understand. Increasingly, as Google continues to get better at measuring value from a user's perspective, these are the same thing. There will always be some technical components to SEO, but having a clear and value-driven experience for customers is by far your best bet. Here is an interesting article about SEO on

Posted: 04/09/2014

Well, we're almost done updating the new There are still some pages that need to be fleshed out, services that need to be better defined, and a good deal of design and clean up after that. It may be a while before this site is mobile-friendly, but that is because our first priority will always be servicing our clients. More soon, cheers!

Posted: 02/12/2014

Proud to announce both the initial release of and our new partnership with E64ST! It has already been a very busy month for us and there is a lot more on the way including a complete overhaul of this site. We've also officially released a new Web/Marketing Retainer package for small and growing businesses. More information here. Cheers to your success, and thanks for reading.

Posted: 12/22/2013

Ah, wow. A lot going on these days. Several websites currently in development, including the new site for Antonio's - the beginning of which we launched in early December. We have a number of other projects going on that fall generally in the "web services" category: some email campaigns, adwords and meta-tagging, a security and database engagement, miscellaneous fixes, and a good deal of graphic design. More exciting still (for me anyway) we've got some more big projects in the works. We're pounding the pavement with a new pitch deck for Tunes Alive. We've continued to develop our interview series, and made some improvements to the application. Our goal for Tunes Alive the new year is to raise funds to build a bigger development team, and launch a bunch of new tools for musicians, vendors and entrepreneurs in the music space. I have two other projects coming out of the queue and into production in 2014. It's too early to announce anything, but it's happening and I'm excited because they'll be awesome. Happy New Year Folks!

Posted: 11/19/2013

This was a fun project. A little context helps to blunt the ridiculousness of it. The client wanted something to present to a friend as a farewell to bachelorhood. If you've ever seen the show "Chopped" on the Food Network, then imagine this as the Photoshop equivalent. In my basket: a fantastic and grotesque sketch done by a former intern, an absurd and out-dated use of the phrase "ball and chain", an unhealthy obsession with Duke football, and a "selfie" by the subject himself. The result is a poster-sized representation of brotherly love. Not sure I would call it art, but it's nice to picture it on the wall of a man-cave somewhere. The photo here is actually not the final draft, but a 30% sized preview.

truly breathtaking. can't thank you enough for putting this together.

-Client (who shall remain nameless)

Posted: 11/07/2013

We launched last week. I believe this is our first blog. The site is designed to feature the photography and writing of Susan James Carr. The project included graphic design, hosting, email support, and some introductory wordpress training. Take a look, leave a comment, then let's build one for you!

Posted: 10/29/2013

We launched last week. These hand made amps in custom wood enclosures look beautiful and sound amazing. Few things are as important to guitarists as their tone. With apologies to John Fogerty, Keith Urban, Al Anderson, and many more - we're letting the cat (er, Wolverine) out of the bag. We've got big plans for Apache Amps. There will be much more to come soon!

"Using the most musical sounding components and carefully balancing each section of the amplifier to respond to the musician’s touch and emotion is my goal for every amplifier built. If it doesn’t breathe and come to life with music, then it is only an inanimate object that will not leave my workbench." - Tommy Aguilar.